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Welcome to the hall of fame.
Here league commissioners may exercise their power by giving publicity to players of noteworthy achievements.

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Don Brady from Burberries: Strongest Arm in the League (Most Competions)
73 completions and still alive! Only the dead rat Kankas Tee was close with 71. player picture

Posted Wed Dec 17 2014
Aasila from Darkside Wanderers: Most Valuable Player in the League
Aasila is MVP. The fans just loves a witch. player picture

Posted Mon Aug 26 2013
Chaney The Canine from Necropolis Asylum: Top Dog - Most Star Player Points
Top Dog! Chaney The Canine with 248 SPP. player picture

Posted Mon Aug 26 2013
Gohri Nuggetrunner from Bugman's Bravest: All Time Top Scorer!
Despite the short legs, this Dwarf is known to move like a Wardancer. A massive 52 Touchdowns, steals Gohri Nuggetrunner, the title as the most scoring Bloodbowl player since Karl Marx, FPoFF(47 TD's - STILL ALIVE!) and Karl Klister, TEAM GULF, (30 TD's - RIP) was carried, dead of the field. player picture

Posted Sat Feb 2 2013
Eoman Grudgebearer from Bugman's Bravest: Eoman Grudgebearer er TOP CAS-MACHINE
Eoman Grudgebearer, the most lethal bloodbowler yet. With a massive 89 casualites, this player is only challenged Chaney the Canine from , Necropolis Asylum with 86 casualties. Eoman and Chaney are both Legends in Bloodbowl. player picture

Posted Wed Nov 14 2012
Eoman Grudgebearer from Bugman's Bravest: Giant Slayer, most kills in the League.
Goriest, bloodiest, savage, most bloody and hard hitting Bloodbowler in the League. 20 Confirmed Kills. Second on the list is Birger, from Heimdead with 11 kills. player picture

Posted Thu Jul 19 2012
Ray Ray from Baltimore Skaven: Cash Cow(Rat) - Most expensive Player in the League
Value: 280.000 Altdorf Gold Coins. player picture

Posted Sun May 13 2012
Fingolf from Darkside Wanderers: Interceptoooor (Most interceptions)
Shared with Gabriel from Red Inertia. Perhaps the problem is staying alive? player picture

Posted Sun May 13 2012